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Singer-songwriter Brooke Turner chatted with Entertainment N More about her Music, recording with renowned music producer Patrizio Moi and Releasing her latest 3-song EP Preview

Born in Toronto, Canada, singer-songwriter Brooke Turner has established her pop career in Canada, and is now on the road to international stardom with her new 3-song album release this month.

“I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but grew up in Victoria, BC, Canada,” explains Brooke. “I have always worked with music; I don’t even remember a time when music wasn’t a part of my life actually as I’ve always been a musical person.”

Growing up as a child Brooke would listen to a song on the radio for the first time and before the song had finished she was singing along or harmonizing. “I first started singing properly when I was 7, after my choir teacher at the time told my mom that I was very talented and that she thought I should learn to hone that talent. I loved that idea as music was a strong part of who I was.”

When Brooke first started singing lessons, she began in a classical and musical theatre style. “Originally my goal was to be a classical singer and go to Julliard,” said Brooke. “At the time I started to take Harpsichord as to be accepted for Julliard you must be a master of two instruments. Now though, I play the guitar and piano.”

Although Brooke put in the hours to learn new instruments, when she reached about 13 years old, she decided she wanted to change direction slightly. “I decided that I wanted to sing the songs that I would listen to on the radio, so I decided that I would learn about popular music, and what was involved in making a pop tune come to life. I figured that the best way to learn would be to follow success stories, so I looked into my favorite singers and who their teachers were and went from there.”

During this research and learning process, inspired by Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Kelly Clarkson, Brooke followed her dreams and set to work with many seasoned vocal and performing instructors’ teachers such as; Seth Riggs, Brett Manning, RaAb Stevenson, Tom Jackson and many others.

Her debut song, which she wrote was called ‘Touch the Sky’. “I actually wrote ‘Touch the Sky’ for a class I had in Grade 10 called ‘Personal Project’. In that class you had to choose a topic to learn about for an extended period of time, so I chose songwriting. After many months of research, I had finished my song and I actually received 100% on the project, which is apparently very hard to do.” Although many listeners to Brooke’s debut song had their own interpretation for the lyrics, for Brooke it was about breaking free from the grips of your everyday life and that you should always try to achieve your dreams.

With a taste for songwriting Brooke set to work on her second studio song Convince Me which, unbeknown to her at the time, made her an overnight Canadian pop sensation. “The making of ‘Convince Me’ has a funny story behind it,” said Brooke. “The song was written based on a bet from the view point of an old friend. At the time my friend bet me $20 that I couldn’t write a song about her. Forever up for a challenge, I wrote the song ‘Convince Me’. I really enjoyed creating the song, it is very upbeat and has a great hook. The $20 at the time came in handy too!”

Brooke released Convince Me to her growing fans, with a music video and radio promo tour. The song earned her a place in the ‘Top 20 Regional finalist in CBC Music’s Searchlight’ competition, and a winner in the pop category at the UK Songwriting Competition.

With her music career carved in stone, earlier this year, the established musician began writing her latest EP album with renowned music producer Patrizio Moi, who has worked with some of the music industry’s leading artists including Meghan Trainor, Liberty X and Luciano Pavarotti. “I am very excited about my new songs. They have a more pop music – light electro feel to them. People will definitely want to get up and dance when they hear them on the radio or in a club. I have a feeling you’ll be humming my songs when you least expect it!”

Brooke’s new 3-songs are Run Away with Me, Summertime, and Letting You Go and were all written within the course of the last few months. “Each song really gives a sneak-peek into my life, though not necessarily into the literal way that the lyrics are written. Each has its own theme and storyline – you could say they were all written from my mind’s eye.” explains Brooke.

Brooke has certainly made an impact in the music industry both in her hometown and in Hollywood, the industry mecca, with opportunities continuing to roll in for her and her unique song writing talent.

On expressing the importance for musicians to have a strong support system Brooke said, “The music industry can be a tough place, it’s crucial for one to have great people around you. People who are willing to keep you grounded and humble. I think that a good support system is critical for any artist.”

When Brooke is not writing a song or producing records she can be found volunteering her time to young performers to find their way, as well as continuing her musical and acting studies. She is also learning Tae Kwon Do.

Brooke’s final thought to us at ENM, “You have to follow your dreams. Like the incredible Walt Disney once said, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ – everyone should live their dreams.”

To learn more about Brooke Turner, visit her website – www.brooketurnermusic.com or listen to her music at – https://soundcloud.com/brooketurner

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