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Composer Mario Sevigny On Composing Crackle’s “The Art of More” Season 2

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Composer Mario Sevigny On Composing Crackle’s “The Art of More” Season 2

The Dennis Quaid/Kate Bosworth art house drama “The Art of More” Season 2 began streaming last week to fans’ delight. This season explores another side of the characters, a hidden part that viewers weren’t aware of, such as Quaid’s daughter. We decided to speak with the show’s composer Mario Sevigny about everything from the tonal shift this season to what his scoring process is like. You can full interview below.

Mario Sevigny

-“The Art of More” premieres this week. What are you most excited for fans to see?

Mario Sevigny: I’m most excited for fans to see how Graham (played by Christian Cooke) navigates his way through the whole season. The way season one ended, we (myself included!!) were wondering how he would get out of trouble cause he was so deep in it!

-How would you describe your musical aesthetic for the show?

Mario Sevigny: My musical aesthetic is much darker this season. There’s a new character, played by Matt Frewer, who is pretty weird! I wanted people to feel weird and anguished when they see him on screen. I used reversed effects and eerie tones to accomplish that. I also developed Roxanna’s theme (Played by Kate Bosworth) more since she has a bigger part in season 2. She rises to the top but also falls pretty hard. During these scenes there needed to be the right music so the audience would feel her pain.

-When working on “The Art of More” do you get to read the script before you score it, or do you begin scoring after it is already shot?

Mario Sevigny: I usually score after the episodes are already shot. For season 2, I wanted to read the scripts of a few episodes though, so I could prepare my sound banks and set the mood. Also, there was a particular scene this season where I really needed to read the script because they needed the music on set. It was for a song that one of the actors had to do lip-synch to! Was pretty cool to see the finished scene!

-What were some of the things you drew on in writing the music for the art house world?

Mario Sevigny: Well all the underworld of auctions in general. The scams, the smuggling. Everything is done in a sneaky way! It had to be classy but suspenseful at the same time. I think I did more suspenseful music than classy stuff!! With this show at the end of the day no one is really classy. It’s all about playing dirty!

-What is your instrument of choice?

Mario Sevigny: I’m definitely a percussion guy! You can make a whole cue with just big cinematic drums and tonal percussions. II love to use them in many ways. And I would also say piano…Still a percussive instrument!

-Does “The Art of More” have any licensed songs? If so, how does that affect your scoring process? Do you tailor certain cues go fit the same vibe as the track?

Mario Sevigny: Yes, they have many songs licensed. It doesn’t affect my score at all. They are used in the background most of the time.  In season 2, they licensed 2 songs I did with Mat Preach Slater and Meryem Saci. We needed something that goes from the score to the song and back and forth so they asked me to compose one. The other song was the one the actor had to lip-synch to. They wanted a 90’s rap vibe so I called Mat Slater to compose the rap part.

-What shows that are currently on the air stick out to you for their music?

Mario Sevigny: I love the music on “Designated Survivor” composed by Sean Callery. I loved his music on “24”. He always has the right tone. I also love the heroic music on “Supergirl” by Blake Neely.

-It was just announced that you are scoring CBC’s “Bellevue” starring Anna Paquin. Can you tell us a little about the show?

Mario Sevigny: It’s a very mysterious series. Anna Paquin plays a messed up detective that is not afraid to end up in a creepy motel doing coke to close an investigation! She has to find a transsexual teen missing in a small town. There is a lot of cold eerie scenes in the woods and a lot of weird stuff going on. For the music, I’ll explore with root instruments like banjos and guitars played though weird effects. It’s a great show!

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Mario Sevigny

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